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Guest Speaker Details for Breakfast on Tuesday Jan. 22, '13, Bill Wortman, Audrey Yates

Fran's Guest: Bill Wortman

Fran's Guest Details:
Bill Wortman is the lead consultant at

Fran's Topic:
The five common questions that business owners face, and the answers to those questions

Our Guest: Audrey Yates

Our Guest's Details:
Audrey Yates, of Facetime, brings impact to your online presence and marketing, enabling you to expand your horizons and grow your business. Audrey makes it happen quickly and affordably in direct collaboration with talented digital marketers, writers, designers and developers.

Facetime starts by meeting with you to obtain a clear picture of your business, customers and objectives. Then Audrey develops digital marketing strategies and programs that address the unique needs of your marketplace, along with an action plan. Finally, Facetime pulls it all together by providing the different services ‐ copywriting, design, programming, ongoing content development and technical support needed to make your business come alive digitally.

Our Guest's Topic:
Facetime will put a face to your business and connect you with your community

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