Small Business Networking Event
With Special Guest Lara Hodgson

The Next Breakfast With Fran Tarkenton Toronto Event is on Thu. Dec. 12, '13
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Guest Speaker Details for Breakfast on Thursday May. 23, '13, Bobby Williams, Cheryl Millett

Fran's Guest: Bobby Williams

Fran's Guest Details:
Bobby has had a varied and successful career as a small business owner and entrepreneur. He has learned valuable lessons along the way. His experiences has shaped where he is today, how he interacts with customers, partners and the community.

Fran's Topic:
Grow your business

Our Guest: Cheryl Millett

Our Guest's Details:
Cheryl Millett BSc NNCP CCIr
Director, Auum Omega 3 Canada
Holistic Champion

Our Guest's Topic:
Vibration and Nutrition: Your Thoughts Count Too

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