Small Business Networking Event
With Special Guest Lara Hodgson

The Next Breakfast With Fran Tarkenton Toronto Event is on Thu. Dec. 12, '13
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Guest Speaker Details for Breakfast on Thursday Dec. 12, '13, Lara Hodgson, Dhallower Hossain

Fran's Guest: Lara Hodgson

Fran's Guest Details:
Lara Hodgson is a skilled entrepreneur, business owner and a busy mother. Lara has created two very successful small businesses and will share with us how thinking outside the box ‐ what she calls "breakthrough thinking" ‐ helped her find these market opportunities. Lara tells us how we too can determine when an ides is worth pursuing and how to use creativity, innovation and hard work to make successful.

Fran's Topic:
Breakthrough Thinking

Our Guest: Dhallower Hossain

Our Guest's Details:
E-Commerce Business Manager:
karatbars International
1270 Finch Ave W Unit #2
Toronto, On., M3J 3J7
Cellular: 647-761-2366

Our Guest's Topic:
Using Gold as a hedge against inflation

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