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Both www.BecomeTheBossOnline.ca and www.becometheboss.net are committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors and community forum members. We only use cookies for tracking of our community forum members to ensure only members may post messages or edit their own member details. We do not sell, rent, loan or trade information collected via form submissions or community forum membership registration (voluntarily provided by visitors and forum members) to third parties. We respect the rights and privacy of all site users.

Our database server is not directly connected to nor accessible from the internet. The public web server is on a different local area network (LAN) to the database server. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to access the database server. However, all users of this site are cautioned to only provide information they are comfortable having in the public domain.

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www.becomethebossonline.ca is a member of Google AdSense Publisher Network and Google Friend Connect social network. Because of this, www.becomethebossonlone.ca is subject to Google Advertising Cookie and Privacy Policies and Google Friend Connect Privacy Policy. Go here for Google Advertising Cookie and Privacy Policies. Go here for Google Friend Connect Privacy Policy.

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This site is a member of Amazon.ca affiliate program. We have chosen a number of books that business owners and self-employed people may find beneficial. For Amazon's Privacy Policy see Amazon Recommends™ Privacy Information.

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