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Recommended Reading For Small Business Owners Small Business Owners Networking Breakfast Club recommends these books to small business owners. We believe they contain strategies that will help enrich the lives of small business owners while making the business more profitable.

  • buy Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving EntrepreneurEscape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur by Pamela Slim. — Pamela Slim, a former corporate manager and entrepreneur, began the Escape From Cubicle Nation blog in 2005, to help frustrated employees stuck in corporate jobs. She quickly developed a dedicated following and attracted mainstream press such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, US News & World Report and Psychology Today. Her blog is growing rapidly and is syndicated by USA Today,, Neilson, Hoovers and NBC affiliates across the nation. She is also a professional life coach, trained by columnist Martha Beck, and writes for Martha's blog.
    Despite grim headlines about the economy, you don't have to stay in a job you intensely hate. There's a better opportunity waiting out there, and escaping from cubicle nation is easier than you think. Pamela Slim spent a decade traveling all over the country as a self-employed trainer for large corporations. She was surprised to find that many of the most successful employees at these companies harbored secret dreams of breaking out to start their own businesses. They would pull her aside after a meeting and whisper, "I would love to work for myself, but have no idea how to get started. How did you do it?" So Pamela started a blog — Escape from Cubicle Nation — to share her experience and advice. Soon, questions and stories poured in from corporate prisoners around the world. As her blog gained popularity, she also interviewed some of the brightest experts in entrepreneurship on topics from finance to branding to marketing via social networks. This audiobook includes Pamela's very best material, based on thousands of conversations and reader submissions. It provides everything you'll need to consider a major change — not just the nuts and bolts of starting a business, but a full discussion of the emotional issues involved. Pamela knows firsthand that leaving corporate life can be very scary, especially if you have a family and other obligations. Fears and self-defeating thoughts often hold people back from pursuing an extremely gratifying solo career. Get ready to learn your real options, make an informed decision, and maybe, just maybe, escape from cubicle nation.
  • Wired for Innovation: How IT Is Reshaping the Economy by Erik Brynjolfsson and Adam Saunders. — A wave of business innovation is driving the productivity resurgence in the U.S. economy. In Wired for Innovation, Erik Brynjolfsson and Adam Saunders describe how information technology directly or indirectly created this productivity explosion, reversing decades of slow growth. They argue that the companies with the highest level of returns to their technology investment are doing more than just buying technology; they are inventing new forms of organizational capital to become digital organizations. These innovations include a cluster of organizational and business-process changes, including broader sharing of information, decentralized decision-making, linking pay and promotions to performance, pruning of non-core products and processes, and greater investments in training and education.
    Drawing on work done at the MIT Center for Digital Business and elsewhere, Brynjolfsson and Saunders explain how to better measure the value of technology in the economy. They treat technology as not just another type of ordinary capital investment by also focusing on complementary investments--including process redesign, training, and strategic changes--and on he value of product quality, timeliness, variety, convenience, and new products.
  • No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracey. — Brian Tracy was born in eastern Canada in 1944 and grew up in California. After dropping out of high school, he traveled and worked his way around the world, eventually visiting eighty countries on six continents. His extensive personal studies in business, sales, management, marketing, and economics enabled him to become the head of a $265 million company before he turned his attention to consulting, training, and personal development. He is now the president of three companies with operations worldwide. He is married, has four children, and lives in San Diego, California.

    You donít need to have been born under a lucky star, or with incredible wealth, or with terrific contacts and connections, or even special skills...but what you do need to succeed in any of your life goals is self-discipline. Unfortunately, most people give in to the two worst enemies of success: they take the path of least resistance (in other words, theyíre lazy) and/or they want immediate gratification: they donít consider the long-term consequences of the actions they take today.
  • Endless Referrals Third EditionEndless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales, New & Updated Edition by Bob Burg. — The definitive guide to turning casual contacts into solid sales opportunities. In this fully revised edition, Bob Burg builds on his proven relationship-building principles to bring even more clients to your door and helps you attract only those who are interested in what you sell. He shows how to maximize your daily contacts, utilize your tools both online and off, leverage your relationships, and generate ongoing sales opportunities.
  • WHAT LOSING TAUGHT ME ABOUT WINNING: The Ultimate Guide for Success in Small and Home-Based BusinessesWHAT LOSING TAUGHT ME ABOUT WINNING: The Ultimate Guide for Success in Small and Home-Based Businesses by Fran Tarkenton. — Having been on the losing end of three Super Bowls, former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton certainly knows what it's like to be hung with the "loser" tag. But he also knows what it's like to transcend such setbacks – he ultimately parlayed his inherent talent and unrelenting dedication into a well-deserved berth in the NFL Hall of Fame. Now a high-profile businessperson and public speaker, Tarkenton offers entrepreneurs his unique and inspirational perspective on turning apparent defeat into eventual victory in What Losing Taught Me About Winning: The Ultimate Guide for Success in Small and Home-Based Businesses.
    What are the ingredients for successful small – and home‐based businesses? Tarkenton, a Football Hall of Fame member and an entrepreneur nearly all his life, has written an inspiring and practical guide. Drawing on his own experiences and those of other entrepreneurs, Tarkenton studies such issues as start‐up, financing, managing, marketing, and using the Internet to promote the business. According to the author, "I want you to learn how to think like an entrepreneur, always on full alert for signs of opportunity and methods to achieve your goals." He asserts that entrepreneurs consider failure "a natural part of the process of learning and growing and developing their ideas and their businesses." Tarkenton presents case studies of entrepreneurs who have rebounded from failure and have become even more successful.
  • buy Debt-Free ForeverDebt Free Forever by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. — Gail Vaz-Oxlade's brand of money management isn't full of tricks. There's no hidden agenda. There's no mystery. As Gail says, "Money isn't rocket science—it's discipline." Gail has made it her life's mission to make money management something everyone can do. And she won't take no for an answer. Her's is a style that's unique, with a voice that is demanding, and an approach that is holistic.
    Debt-Free Forever will help readers take responsibility for, and control of, their money. Gail's rules are simple: you can't spend money you don't have, you must save something, and if you're in debt, you must get the albatross off your back. But Gail knows following the rules can be tough.
  • YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any BusinessYouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business by Michael Miller. — To any businessperson or marketing professional, YouTube's 20 million viewers are a tempting target. How can you tap into the potential of YouTube to promote your business and sell your products or services? The answers in YouTube for Business show you how to make YouTube part of your online marketing plan - and drive traffic to your company's website.
    YouTube for Business goes through the complete process from figuring out if YouTube is right for your marketing plan and shooting a video through editing and formatting concerns to posting your video at YouTube and other like-minded sites. If you are the least bit curious about online video marketing, you have to get this book. It will help you figure out what you need to do and how to go about do it.
  • Buy How The Best Gets BetterHow The Best Get Better™ by Dan Sullivan. — Key concepts and strategies from The Strategic Coach Program™ to help top-achieving entrepreneurs get even better at what they do.
    Global forces, unleashed by the application of microchip technology, are causing entrepreneurial revolutions everywhere. The changes that have occurred during the past 30 years due to the combination of microtechnology and entrepreneurism have been remarkable. However, the changes that have occurred constitute only a beginning: We havenít seen anything yet.
  • Buy Global Profit and Global JusticeGlobal Profit And Global Justice by Deb Abbey. — Although debate still rages about the merits of globalization, the fact remains that it is inevitable. But instead of people expending their energies on fighting the global economy, we may be much better off trying to shape it.
    Global Profit AND Global Justice shows how you can use your money creatively to change the world for the better. It aims to empower people to leverage capital for progressive social and environmental change. Arguing that the marketplace is a viable forum for individuals to effect such change, it shows that consumers and investors already have many tools at their disposal to help ensure that the benefits of globalization are distributed equitably.

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